Slip and Fall Accidents: An Example of Premises Liability

The National Safety Council reports that slip and fall accidents result to an annual average of 8.9 million visits to emergency departments in hospitals all over America. While such accidents may seem minor compared to other emergency situations, the available data shows that slipping and falling are incidents that can’t be considered trivial.

Slip and fall accidents happen quite regularly because it’s bound to take place in any area where certain hazards are present. These accidents can occur at home, workplaces, and even venues like malls and parks that people usually visit for recreation and entertainment. As long as these areas aren’t properly maintained, the possibility of slip and fall accidents are high. According to the website of the Goings Law Firm, LLC, the common reasons for slips and falls are wet floors, cracked floors or pavements, uneven surfaces, as well as any type of obstacle or unnecessary clutter along walkways.

When these hazards are present within a given property, individuals are left vulnerable to a variety of injuries. As Crowe & Mulvey, LLP points out on its website, thousands of injuries every year result from such incidents. Slip and fall accidents typically result in sprains, lacerations, torn muscles and ligaments, bone fractures, and lower back injuries. More severe accidents can also lead to alarming outcomes such as traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. Both these conditions can threaten a person’s mobility and physical capacity.

Fortunately, slip and fall accidents are easily preventable. By observing proper safety precautions, property owners can reduce the risk of accidents and ensure that their premises are safe for use of other people. The most important thing to remember in avoiding any liability is to make sure that any hazardous materials are dealt with through proper maintenance and upkeep. Failure to do so may leave property owners accountable for any accident that may occur.

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